Lorand is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist based in Munich and Berlin.
He has been designing fashion accessory since 2003, beside working as fashion stylist.
His artistic vision has expanded into creating art pieces and dance performances.

The native born transilvanian began his carreer in Bangkok, assisting the celebrity stylist Ton Khamnuanseang, 
where he learnedthe basics of styling and communication. Back in Munich he was hiredby the fashion house Maendler as retail manager and decorator, and later by Flip as buyer for ready-to-wear and eventually wholesale trade manager at major european fashion weeks.

Enhancing his knowledge in handcraft, he turned to work in the team of the parisian Haute Couture Atelier of Lemarié, 
aqiring metriculous production techniques for clients like Chanel and Givenchy.
Lorand´s great honor was to work on the very last original design of Alexander McQueen.
He co-created the collar of the feather coat dress, that went down in fashion history as the “golden angel“, 
wich was exhibited at the “Savage Beauty“ exhibition in New York and later in London.

ATELIER LORAND LAJOS was founded 2011 as a couture label and a streetwear brand alike,
that transports Lorand´s diverse vision of intensive apparel. His elaborate pieces touch the heart and soul 
as they harmoniously merge seeming opposites: radiant elegance and dark fetisch, geometric silhouettes with romantic fabrics, cool masculinity with passionate femininity.

Lorand´s fantastical creations have become a favourite of many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Helene Fischer and 
Dita von Teese. Madonna chose his iconic crystal mask design for her dancers in the videoclip “Living for Love“ and her world tour.

As a stylist, Lorand´s vast fashion vocabulary reaches from clean looks to focus products for companys like Rolls Royce, 
Swarovski or Fendi, over poetic styles in magazines such as Vogue and Elle, to iconic stage and videoclip outfits for entertainers. 
He dressed high profile personalities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and is a specialist for glamorous red carpet looks.

Lorand´s communicative personality and enthusiastic charme have led him to starring and hosting in several TV shows 
like Die Einrichter, Fashion Hero and Austria´s Next Topmodel.

Since 2017 Lorand studies sculpture at Munich´s Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Alexandra Birken. 
He launched the artist collective LOVERS to stage various events and partys that serve as an extension 
of his artistic communication and brings out his entertainer qualities.

Lorand´s influences are culled from high fashion, subcultures, nature, history and our zeitgeist.